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Balloon Arches are an impressive addition to any event.  They are commonly placed over the top table at a wedding or around an entrance doorway.  Many customers use the balloon arch as the backdrop to photographs at their event.

Pearl Arch
Single 11" latex balloons set to form an elegant arch.  Curled ribbons may be placed underneath each balloon or tulle curled along the line.


   Price for 20 foot span (eg top table)  £60.00


   NB Please contact us if you require a different size or to have ribbons or tulle added


Cloud '9' Arch
Eight 11" latex balloons topped with a 16" clear balloon with a coloured 11" latex within.  Three of these arrangements linked by ribbons or tulle and with ribbons/tulle beneath each.
  Price:  £90.00  with ribbon
             £95.00  with tulle
Spiral Arch
11" latex balloons formed into quads and twirled around a line to form an arch.  A reverse twist at the apex balances the design.  
  Price;  for 20ft span (eg top table)   £140.00
  NB please contact us if you require a different size
Walk Through Heart Shaped Arch
5" air filled latex balloons swirled around a hidden frame.
  Price:  £170.00
Just Married Double Bubblr Arch
An 11" coloured balloon inside a 16" clear balloon attached to a line to form an arch.  Ribbons and tulle can added to the bases of each balloon
  Price:  £100.00
             £120.00 with tulle.
             NB Please contact us if you require a different size 
Topiary Arch
Two 6 foot stands with 3 topiary balls on each of differing sizes, joined by tulle to further topiary ball above the stands to form an arch.
   Price:  £120.00
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