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Phone  07973907946


Folkestone specials are products and displays that are only available in the Folkestone area.  Orders can be placed by calling our freephone number and delivery can be arranged for your convenience.  Delivery within the Folkestone area is free whilst those to surrounding areas will incure a small additional charge.
Bear in a Balloon
* Cute Bear on shred inside clear 18" balloon
* Pagoda box with ribbons and bow
* Personal message
* Your colour choice



Disposable Helium Canister



Easy to use helium canister that will fill 50 X 9" latex balloons.



Balloon in a Box
* 18" weighted foil of your choice
* Personal message , tissue , sprinkles
* Candy striped box with bow
*Can be sent anywhere on UK Mainland

Bubble in a Box
* 24" long lasting Bubble of your choice
* Weigted and decorated with tulle bow
* Personal message, tissue, sprinkles
* White box with bow

Cluster in a Box
* 5 X 18" foil balloons ( 2 patterned 3 plain ) weighted
* Personal message, tissue, sprinkles
* White box with bow

Bear in a Basket
* Cute bear ia basket with shread
* 24" Bubble balloon of your choicein a net floating above basket
* Personal message, tissue, sprinkles.
* In large clear bag with bow

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